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What's Going on Uptown

Ruby Lang's Uptown series has been hitting the headlines! First, Playing House got a glowing review in August's Hot Stuff romance column for Entertainment Weekly! Columnist Maureen Lee Lenker said “Oliver & Fay’s inner lives are painted with great care, & the subtle details of the houses they visit & spaces they inhabit provide an exquisitely drawn backdrop for their love story.” 

Then author Talia Hibbert recommended Open House for Bustle's 20 Best New Books Of Fall 2019 list. "Open House is everything that’s great about contemporary romance. Cute but sexy, fluffy but weighty, it features fully-realized characters with relatable issues..." This fun sequel is also available to be wished for on NetGalley right now!

Plus, you can see a sneak peek at the absolutely gorgeous cover for Uptown #3, House Rules, and read an exclusive excerpt on Frolic.Media on December 9th.

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